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Below are a list of common questions. If you can't find the answer you're looking for, or have specific concerns then please contact us:

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  • Kitchen Facilities - do the halls have kitchen facilities?

    Yes all bookings include use of the kitchen facilities including cookers, refrigerator, and microwave. There is also a supply of crockery and cutlery. You are welcome to use these but please ensure they are washed, dried and returned to storage on completion. Washing up liquid and tea towels are provided.
  • Smoking - can we smoke inside any of the buildings?

    No, the buildings are smoke free area in compliance with the law in public places. There is no smoking allowed on the site at all; smoking may only take place outside the fenced perimeter.
  • How much will it cost?

    We charge by the hour and the hourly rate depends on the time of day. Take a look at What we do / Prices for more information or call 01252 722362.
  • Barbecues - can I have a barbecue at my function?

    Yes you can have a barbecue but it must be set up a minimum of 5 metres from any of the buildings and clear of any overhanging tree branches. You must ensure the grass area is not burnt and coals are fully extinguished on completion. Do not dispose of any hot coals in the waste bins on site.
  • Cleaning of the halls after hire - am I expected to clean up on completion of my hire?

    Yes we expect you to leave the halls in a clean and tidy condition. Any kitchen crockery and utensils should be washed in hot soapy water, dried and returned to their cabinets. Washing up liquid and tea towels are provided. Work surfaces should be wiped down and bins emptied particularly if they have food remnants or disposable nappies. If necessary floors should be swept. Please take away any refuse that is generated by you.
  • Ball games - can ball games be played in the rooms?

    No ball games of any kind are allowed in the rooms.
  • Decorations - can I put up decorations for my party?

    Yes you can put up decorations but you must not use drawing pins or anything that will mark the walls of the halls. Blu-tak must not be used on the painted walls.
  • Cleaning up and Setting up time - do I get an allowance at the start and end of my booking to set-up and clear up?

    We allow 15 minutes before and after your booking time for set up and clean up. If you require more than this time please extend your booking period.
  • Rubbish - Do we need to dispose of our own rubbish?

    Yes, please take away any refuse that is generated by you.
  • Bouncy Castles - can I have a bouncy castle in the halls

    A bouncy castle may be erected in the Main Hall but care must be taken that it does not interfere with overhead projector or lighting. Any fuel driven compressor must be located outside of the hall to prevent noxious fumes in the hall. Hirer must ensure that the Company from which the castle is hired has Public Liability and Third Party Insurance. Bouncy castles are used at the sole risk of the hirer.
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