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The Bungalow

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Old Bungalow

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Who we are

The Bungalow is a local community resource centre based on the Sandy Hill estate in Farnham, Waverley. Originally the caretaker’s bungalow, the old building provided a base where community groups and individuals could meet and learn new skills, meet new friends and feel part of the community.

How we got here

Due to the popularity of the Bungalow and the demand on space it became necessary to provide a larger community building. In 2008 plans were developed to replace the old building with a brand new Bungalow in order to extend the range of activities and facilities it offers to the local community.

Who helped us

What you see today was made possible by funding from key partners such as Surrey County Council, Waverley Borough Council, Veolia Environmental Trust, Farnham Town Council, the Residents Association of Sandy Hill and First Wessex Housing Group.



Who runs The Bungalow?

The Bungalow is managed by the Sandy Hill Community Bungalow Trust, a charitable organisation established in 2009 made up of local stakeholders and residents which aims to promote, support and develop activities for families and young people in the Upper Hale area of Farnham.

Meet the team



To offer inclusive activities which support the educational, training, employment, cultural and recreational needs of the local community.



The Bungalow will be at the heart of the community providing a sustainable, secure and welcoming space that is valued and supported by the people of Upper Hale and the surrounding area.



The Bungalow is committed to:

  • Building on and increasing our relationship with individuals and organisations who share our values
  • Organisational effectiveness and financial sustainability
  • Providing excellent services for the local community
  • Providing equal opportunities for all and treating everybody with respect

Strategic Objectives

We aim to:

  • Keep the building available, accessible and safe for the use of local people and others
  • Enable a range of educational, training, employment, cultural and recreational activities to take place which respond to the needs of local people and where all are made to feel valued and safe 
  • Provide access to advice and information for all sections of the community 
  • Provide excellent services to users 
  • Be financially sustainable and continue to strengthen the management of the Bungalow

Community facilities, when you need them..

If you need space to host an event, training session, or any other function, please get in touch.

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